Why SEO is important for every startup

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool to make your company visible online. Yet many startups do not use this tool, we think that’s a shame! That is why we have listed a number of tips for you why you should use SEO.

SEO provides customer behavior data

Through SEO you get insights into important data. The more search engine optimization research you do, the more insight you get into the search behavior of your prospect. There are various (free) tools that help you to collect that data, so you can see for example what words your target group is searching for.

More results from traffic and conversions

Search engine optimization helps in generating website traffic. Instead of just spending money on social media ads, it is also good to invest in developing your SEO. With this you create organic traffic on your website. Organic traffic results in more conversion than any type of traffic.

It is free

SEO can be free, just like the tools needed for implementation such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With Google Analytics it is possible to see what users are doing on your website or platform. The Google Search Console shows you exactly what was searched for and how visitors arrived there. It also identifies 404 pages and broken links, both of which are bad for your SEO.

SEO when making decisions

The data you have collected about customer behavior can also be used to make decisions. When you know who your customer is, you can specifically target this. This will ultimately lead to a better connection with your target group and a higher conversion.

SEO builds a long-term audience

Advertisements deliver short-term results for a high price. Search engine optimization helps with building an audience. The better and more popular your content is, the stronger your SEO will become over time. It is important that the content is constantly maintained.

For companies that do not want to spend much on large-scale advertising campaigns, search engine optimization is a good way to build a brand.

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