When am I investor ready?

In deze blog vertellen we jou hoe je investor ready wordt.

Due to the good startup climate and the advances in technology, more and more startups are being established. When you are searching for funding and talking to investors, you have to compete against other startups. How do you stand out between the others? Here’s how to make your startup investor ready!


Investors are interested in all kinds of financial arguments such as the income statement, balance sheet, EBITA and ROI. This must be ready at a moment’s notice. For investors it depends on what stage your startup is in. It is important to reflect the current status of the company and give a preview of the next 3 years.

The right ingredients

Investors prefer to invest in a team instead of a solo entrepreneur. In that case you will have a team with different qualities that can make your startup grow. In addition, investors want to see what the market opportunity is and how you and your team will make this market opportunity a success.

Understand what you’re asking for

It’s easy to put a high amount on paper as an investment need. Please note that you have to know why you want a certain amount of money, understand your valuation and it makes sense. It’s good to ask input from a third party. For example, if you have just started, you may want to consider appointing an advisory board to help you get started.

Right investor

One of the biggest challenges for startups is finding the right investor. There are many angel investors and VCs, so do enough research and make an assessment of your startup and the type of investor you want to attract. Investors who are genuinely interested and have a lot of knowledge can help your startup grow.

The way to raise funding for your startup can be long and heavy, but with the right approach, people and support you can stand out and find the right match.

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