What is a Pitch Deck?

we leggen uit wat een pitch deck is

A pitch deck is a short presentation that gives your audience a clear overview of your company. You usually use a pitch deck during a meeting with potential investors, customers or partners.

Professional design

A pitch deck can be made in Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe Indesign, Prezi. The deck is often a first impression of your company. It is important that the design of your pitch deck looks professional. Make sure your deck has a clear message, looks attractive and is consistent. The consistency is especially important in the design and that it fit with your brand identity.

There are various tools that you can use to make your deck simply attractive. Use stock photos, free to use, high-quality photos without copyright. In addition to photos, you can also use icons to visualize your pitch deck. By using icons, the text becomes easy to understand.

Which topics and order should I use?

For a pitch deck we use a standard order for our investors. This order deals with all points in the correct order, which makes it clear to investors.

Introduction: Start with a strong introduction to attract investors’ attention.

Problem: What problem does your company solve and which parties are involved?

Solution: Show on this sheet how your product works and what solution it offers for the parties involved.

Business model: Explain how you generate income.

Traction: Indicate to what extent ideas have been converted into actions and which traction has been achieved.

Advantages / USP: Tell why your product is unique and how it fits the market opportunities.

Target market: Determine your target group and your target market.

Competition: Display your competitors in a matrix or graph

Go-To-Market: With which specific marketing activities do you try to reach your target market?

Timeline: View what milestones are planned for the next 3 years and ensure that this is in line with the rest of the deck.

Team: For many investors, an experienced and motivated team is the most important factor in making an investment.

Finance: Show your results of the past year and then the expected results over a period of 3 years.

Investment proposal: State how much money you want to raise, at what company valuation and what will you use this money for.

Contact: Use the last sheet to add your contact information.

Want to know more?

You want to know more about the deck? Read more about how you can hold an effective pitch deck session and read more about the most important topics from the pitch deck.

Thank you for your time! Are you curious about how we can help you with this? Click here and schedule a short introduction call!

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