What has to be included in the pitch deck?

what includes the pitch deck

The pitch deck tells the essence of your company. It’s an important document for getting an investment. Pitch decks are constantly adapted and optimized for the audience. However, there are some guidelines that can help you prepare your pitch for the investors.

Essence in your opening slides

Use one or two opening slides in your pitch deck that emphasize your startup. The essence of your story is shown in these slides.

The problem you’re solving

Specify the problem you solve in a number of educational slides, depending on your audience. Show the market fit by emphasizing what isn’t working in the market. If possible, include the market opportunities in your pitch deck.

The product

After you have outlined the problem to the investors, it’s now about you and the product. First start with the solution to the unfulfilled market demand from the previous slides. Convince the investors with a clear story in your presentation and pitch deck.


After you have convinced the investors of your product and business model you can start with your go-to-market strategy. It depends on your development stage what is relevant to put in your pitch deck. Show clearly that you have thought about how you can roll out the product and how you will gain market share.


Investors are looking for the perfect team. They invest in your team’ passion and dedication. Introduce your team in a clear slide in the pitch deck. Mark the strengths of the team and make it clear that they are committed to build something big.


Put together a series of well thought-out projections on both the revenue side and the cost side, this improves the credibility for potential investors. It’s therefore important to indicate which funding amount is needed and what you will use it for.

The transfer of your pitch

When composing the presentation of your pitch deck, consider the tone you want to transfer to the investors. Nothing is more important than determining the right tone for your audience. Avoid a dry and boring presentation. Be creative, show personality and you will have a winning combination!

Want to know more?

With the above points you can go a long way in making a clear and attractive pitch deck. Do you want to know more about the specific order of the deck? Read more here!

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