The perfect 3-minute pitch

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe je het best een pitch kan geven

A solid three-minute pitch can help you attract suppliers, employees, and maybe even investors. But crafting a pitch is proved harder than expected. You need to deliver the pitch concisely, and with confidence.

Get their attention

A three minute pitch isn’t just an expanded mission statement or the ‘about’ section of your website. A pitch is a short opener that tells what your company does, why it is unique and how it serves your customers.  Your goal is to encourage your audience to want to hear more. When they’re interested, you have won permission to tell them additional details about your startup. That’s how and why you need to customize this template for each audience and for each occasion.

Tell them the right story

In the beginning of your pitch you can grab the attention with an anecdote, about a client experience or a breakthrough. Brevity is the key. Make sure you tell a clear story. Take your best material and organize it into three parts: an opener, an explanation of what your startup does, and a very short story or technical detail to invite your audience to pick up the conversation ball.

Keep them on the hook

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming they have to cram everything about their company into a three-minute pitch. But whether you are presenting a pitchdeck or introducing yourself at a networking event, your goal is to start a relationship. Make the pitch more about the audience and less about you. You have to quickly figure out how your business is relevant to that exact person you are speaking with.

A pitch is not only an opportunity to speak; it’s an opportunity for on-going conversation.

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