For any great idea to be truly realized, it first needs to be effectively communicated and understood. With an arsenal of technology and information now at our disposal, building a strong pitch deck to get your vision across should be easy, right?

The answer to this is sort of.The myriad options of design platforms and presentation software make creating presentations easier than ever. Still, entrepreneurs do not always manage to make an effective pitch deck.

Quality over quantity

It may seem simple, but conveying your message clearly can be the most difficult part of making a good presentation. If you have too many things that you want to tell, the core message can be lost quickly. Even if you think that giving as much information as possible is the right, isn’t that reality. Investors will therefore not understand your message. Instead of providing the investor with an information overload, you have to give the investor sufficient time so they can process and understand your message.


When preparing your pitch, you may have a checklist of all the points you feel you should hit. But how much of it is necessary? Sometimes, extra information that doesn’t apply to the audience can distract from the pertinent points. Make sure that all points are actually applicable to your audience. For each presentation you have to check what the goal is and what the needs of the audience are.

Final check

When you're done, have your pitch deck checked by people from your network. Developing a pitch deck is not something you have to do alone. This way you can check whether the message is right and eventual adjust your story to ensure that the message arrives well with your audience.

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