How to build a network

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Networking is very important for a startup, for example when you want to raise financing. A large network helps you to get connections with investors, partners or customers. Yet many people still find networking exciting or difficult. Below some tips!

The new way of networking

Create your own network, with like-minded people who are committed to mutual support. You do this by not only entering into a business relationship but also in the field of private matters. Sincerely listen to the other person and ask questions. In this way you build a relationship and friendship in which you help each other to achieve goals. When you want to reach your goal, there are many people around you to support you.

Quality over quantity

Collecting as many business cards as possible is a thing of the past. With this you often do not know at home with whom you have already spoken. After all, it’s not about quantity but about quality, a good connection means much more in practice. Therefore, building a network also takes time. See this meeting as a first step in building a relationship.

Good impression

To make a good impression, it is important that you have a clear story. Know what you want to say and keep it simple. This makes it easy for everyone to remember. It is useful to contact the people you have spoken with for example via email or LinkedIn. Thank them for the conversation and invite them for a cup of coffee. Many people like being able to talk about their work when they are enthusiastic about it.

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