How do you pitch your startup with experts?

In deze blog geven we tips over een goede pitch voor jouw startup

When you have an industry specific product, it is difficult to find normal investors. As a result, you quickly come across experts from the sector. These experts can offer many benefits, but there are certainly a number of points that you should pay attention to. In this blog we give you advice on how to pitch for the best experts in your sector.

Know the risks

When you partner with an expert, they often can help you further with the growth of your startup. First of all, it is important to know that partnerships are a risk. Certainly in the case of a long-term partnership with an investor, you have to be clear about the roles and responsibilities of each party involved. Accept the help of others, but stick to the vision of your company.

Build a relationship

It is not usually that a startup entrepreneur approaches an expert and convinces them with just one pitch. Do not focus on this either. Focus first on the relationship with the expert. Do research in advance, find out what they need and give this in advance. This way you place yourself in a different category than everyone else. From here you can expand the relationship and start negotiating.

Prove that you can come into contact with future buyers

This is a truly masterful battle when it comes to pitching. If you can show your potential investor or mentor that you already have a number of qualified prospects that would like to buy your business, it becomes almost impossible for them to say “no”. Find ways to show the successes of your business so that you can convince your future investor.

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