How do you get good customers for your startup

Deze blog vertellen we je over hoe goede klanten aan kunt trekken voor jouw startup

Good customers are essential for your startup. The income you get from your customers must keep your startup running. It is also a decisive point for investors. In this blog we will give you 5 tips for attracting good customers!

1. Focus on the right one

As the voice of your product, you have the power to attract customers for your startup that you want. This starts with your brand and the branding of your startup. When you position yourself as a full-service organization or when you position yourself more hands-off, it is important that this is clear to your customers. Communicate who you are and stick to that.

2. Understand your customers

It starts when someone becomes a customer with you. Are the customers’ satisfied or not? Study your customers well and discover what went well or not. This will help you to improve and grow. Satisfaction surveys can help to address this in a structured way.

3. Transform your relationship

Feedback is essential to improve your startup. You can, for example, respond to ‘angry customers’. More often than not, angry customers are open to changing their minds when you give them the chance. Listen to them and tell them exactly what you will do to rebuild the relationship.

4. Repeat

When you lose a customer, this is an opportunity to attract a better one. Armed with new knowledge about what you can do, you can improve and attract good customers. Adapt and actively look for the right customer. Keep adjusting your startup to the needs of the customers and build a strong brand.

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