How do I do my marketing?

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As a founder of a startup you may not have direct knowledge of marketing. However, in the initial phase you will have to pick this up yourself. But how do you do this? And how do you ensure an efficient approach? In this article we give you guidance.

Focus on nurturing

No matter what you sell, if you’re not focusing on nurturing buyers, you won’t be able to get good returns from marketing. Most marketers focus on bringing more people into the funnel instead of moving them through the funnel. But only a small percentage of your leads will ever become a customer. Therefore maintain your existing customers and get a higher return from this.

Less is more

The biggest mistake most marketers make when marketing is believing more channels + more messages = more conversions. Even if until now this has proved right for your company, it doesn’t have to dictate your future marketing process anymore. Why? Because in the world of information overload, capturing attention has become tougher. So, no matter what channels you are using the focus should be on providing value and engaging audience members instead of just reaching out to them. Remember, when it comes to marketing, the main metric to look at is engagement. Start quantifying that and use only the most effective channels.

Add clarity to your messages.

Attention spans are becoming shorter; it’s tough to capture attention, but it’s even tougher to hold it. Without a clear message, it’s tough to keep the attention, as people will be confused. When people are confused, they don’t act on your messages. Clearly define your target audience so you can speak to them in a way that resonates with them. Once you do that, you can efficiently reach the right people and turn them into customers.You need to be creative with your marketing messages to capture attention, but you need to be clear too to hold that attention.

All marketers should ask themselves how they might be adding to the noise and what they can do to stop doing that and start improving the buying experience.

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