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If you want to make a success of your startup it is important that you have the right team behind you. It is your team that will make your startup a success. These five tips will help you in the application process to put together the perfect team.


Whether you are the sole founder or together with partners, it is important to identify your weak points. Take stock and fill in the voids with team members with the right skills. Recognizing these needs from the start will save a lot of extra time on the road. If you are not sure where to start, ask for input from other companies in your field.


It is not only the people within your startup who are crucial for the growth of your company. Also the people you bring in from the outside are crucial. Advisors, mentors and board members are not just for the show – they play an important role in helping you both personally and professionally.

Be creative

In addition to the external network you are building, it is also important to find people who will help you with the daily work within your startup. Make a list of requirements that the person must meet and get started.

Work in a team

Always make sure that every employee can give feedback and listen to this. Everyone moves quickly in a startup. So look for staff that can switch quickly and get things done quickly. Avoid personnel who collapse when chaos arises.

Build a vision

Build a new team around the vision of your startup and make sure your new employees share this vision. In good times this may not seem important and obvious. When your startup is in bad weather, the strong vision will keep your team together.

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