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Although you cannot see a company culture, it is tangible. It can make or break your organization. A culture cannot only influence your staff, but also your reputation and business results. In this blog we give you tips on how you can build your company culture.

Company culture

The corporate culture is often underestimated. While this is a very important factor for your employees and it retains. When your staffs feel at home in the organization, and can therefore ground themselves well, it’s more likely the staff will stay longer. When you are just starting your business, it may not be the first thing you will think about. Yet it is important to do that.

Start early

As a founder of a startup you have a unique position to establish the company culture. It is often a process that occurs naturally, the behaviour of the founders is often adopted. Consider carefully which values ​​you want to pursue and that the entire team is aligned with this.

Define your values ​​and goals

If you want to determine your values ​​and goals, it is important that you include all the aspects of your company. Make sure you pursuing your mission. For a positive and successful company culture it is important for you as a founder to be clear what the culture entails. Make sure that this is recorded so you can share it with new employees. This immediately makes clear in which environment they will end up.


Culture is connected with leadership. It goes without saying that the management must respect the culture if this is to be taken seriously. Make sure you radiate your company culture. It is often the small things that can mean a lot to your employees. Ensure a good culture, pursue it and your employees will do the same.

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