Where do I start if I want to raise funding

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe je financiering kan ophalen and how to raise funding

It’s tough running a startup on little capital. One of the biggest reasons why companies fail is that they run out of money. To let your startup grow, raise funding is a skill that you must have. Do research  Always do research on the firm or investors that you’re meeting with. This is an indicator to investors that lets them … Read More

What is a Pitch Deck?

we leggen uit wat een pitch deck is

A pitch deck is a short presentation that gives your audience a clear overview of your company. You usually use a pitch deck during a meeting with potential investors, customers or partners. Professional design A pitch deck can be made in Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe Indesign, Prezi. The deck is often a first impression of your company. It is important that … Read More

What is a convertible loan?

In deze blog leggen we een convertibele lening uit

In short, a convertible loan is a loan that you can convert into shares in your company. More and more startups are choosing this option. In the initial phase, it is often difficult to give the company a realistic rating. With a convertible loan you can determine the valuation after conversion. In this article you can read how this works! … Read More

What is the definition of a startup?

In dit artikel vertellen we over de definitie van een startup

A startup is a young company that is looking for a scalable business model and intends to conquer the whole world. But when are you a startup? In this article we explain our definition of a startup! Definition The definition of a startup is quite subjective. All the experts agree that a start-up is a young company, looking for a … Read More

What types of investors are there?

In deze blog leggen we uit welke soorten investeerders er zijn.

In order to grow your startup, investors are often needed. But from which investors do you get this financing? It is difficult for startups to collect financing from the bank, but enough alternative forms of financing have emerged. Various forms of financing are explained in this article: Crowdfunding With crowdfunding, public financing is used. This can be done through crowdfunding … Read More

When am I investor ready?

In deze blog vertellen we jou hoe je investor ready wordt.

Due to the good startup climate and the advances in technology, more and more startups are being established. When you are searching for funding and talking to investors, you have to compete against other startups. How do you stand out between the others? Here’s how to make your startup investor ready! Finance Investors are interested in all kinds of financial … Read More

Want to invest in a startup?

In deze blog geven je een aantal tips over hoe je kan investeren in startups.

Fifteen years ago, the financing landscape looked completely different. By developing new financing options for startups, entrepreneurs now have more options than ever to get their idea off the ground. The rise in new, non-traditional financing options allows entrepreneurs to bypass traditional VC fundraising and attract an entirely new class of investors, for example through crowdfunding. Yet it does not … Read More

How do you raise a seed investment?

Raising a seed investment is a hard and difficult process. We work a lot with startups, often we get the question; how do you raise a seed investment? From our experience, we would like to share with you a couple of insights into how the process of raising a seed round works and things you need to keep in mind. … Read More