The perfect 3-minute pitch

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe je het best een pitch kan geven

A solid three-minute pitch can help you attract suppliers, employees, and maybe even investors. But crafting a pitch is proved harder than expected. You need to deliver the pitch concisely, and with confidence. Get their attention A three minute pitch isn’t just an expanded mission statement or the ‘about’ section of your website. A pitch is a short opener that … Read More

4 CRM hacks that every startup should use

In deze blog geven we jou dé CRM hacks voor startups.

For startups, CRM systems can be hard to use but with accessible, real-time customer data, a CRM system helps startups to improve customer service and refine the strategies. These four tips help you get more out of your CRM systems. Steam line the software CRM automation can abate the time-consuming and manual process, create narrower schedules and gather related data. … Read More

How to create an effective pitch deck

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe een effectief pitch deck kunt maken

For any great idea to be truly realized, it first needs to be effectively communicated and understood. With an arsenal of technology and information now at our disposal, building an effective pitch deck to get your vision across should be easy, right? The answer to this is sort of. The myriad options of design platforms and presentation software make creating … Read More

Meeting with an investor? These tips will help you!

In deze blog vertellen we over hoe je meetings met een investeerder moet aanpakken

For a startup, finding an investor is not an easy job. And to a large extent, that first meeting will determine whether you get the funds or not. A first meeting is therefore extra exciting, these tips help you to prepare well! Focus on the right kind of investors Initially, you should make inquiries about potential investors who already have … Read More

Find the right team for your startup

Een blog om het juiste team te vinden voor jouw startup.

If you want to make a success of your startup it is important that you have the right team behind you. It is your team that will make your startup a success. These five tips will help you in the application process to put together the perfect team. Weaknesses Whether you are the sole founder or together with partners, it … Read More

5 topics you need to have in your pitchdeck

In deze blog geven we de belangrijkste onderwerpen van een pitch deck.

When you have a meeting with investors they will only need 20 minutes to decide if they want to follow your idea. Creating an attractive pitch is a must. In this blog we give you 5 important topics that should not be missing in your pitchdeck. Company and team On these slides you have to give an introduction of your … Read More

How do you pitch your startup with experts?

In deze blog geven we tips over een goede pitch voor jouw startup

When you have an industry specific product, it is difficult to find normal investors. As a result, you quickly come across experts from the sector. These experts can offer many benefits, but there are certainly a number of points that you should pay attention to. In this blog we give you advice on how to pitch for the best experts … Read More

7 financial tips for startups

Een blog met 7 financiële tips voor startups

Building a startup is not easy. A mistake is made quickly, which can be fatal for your startup. In this blog we give you 8 financial tips to avoid the most common mistakes. 1. Cash flow management Most startups fail for different reasons, but a common one is – no money. You must be aware of your income and expenses. … Read More

5 tips to create a strong branding for your startup

Een blog artikel over hoe startups hun branding kunnen invullen om op te vallen.

A strong defined branding is an important element for your startup. You have to stand out in this fast-moving world. The brand identity is the first impression of your startup. This first impression is also important for investors. Below are five tips for developing a strong branding. 1. Sell your brand and not your product Product-oriented marketing is a thing … Read More