What has to be included in the pitch deck?

what includes the pitch deck

The pitch deck tells the essence of your company. It’s an important document for getting an investment. Pitch decks are constantly adapted and optimized for the audience. However, there are some guidelines that can help you prepare your pitch for the investors. Essence in your opening slides Use one or two opening slides in your pitch deck that emphasize your … Read More

How do investors look at a deal?

een blog over hoe investeerders kijken naar een deal

Raise funding for your startup is a long and difficult process. In addition, if you do not have a high track record or excellent sales capacity, the reality is that you must have seen at least four to five potential investors before you have found the potentially right investor. Decision Investing in an early-stage startup is risky. In order to … Read More

Recruiting the best employees for your startup

in deze blog vertellen we over recruit werknemers voor jouw startup

Recruiting hard, but recruiting for startups can be even harder. If you have only a limited cash flow, hiring the wrong employee can potentially break your startup. Below we give you some tips for recruiting top employees for your startup. Build your startup with a mission and vision When your startup is at an early stage, you can often not … Read More

7 questions you should ask yourself before pitching to investors

in deze blog vertellen we over vragen die je kunt verwachten van investeerders tijdens het pitchen

As a start-up, pitching is one of the most important things you will be confronted with. Although you will think that you can answer any question from the investor, you must think carefully and practice. Here are 7 important questions you can expect when pitching to investors: 1. What do your customers need and how do you know for sure? … Read More

Will my startup succeed?

When everything runs smoothly in the initial phases of starting up your business, you might think: “are we on the right way?” Although it is important to always keep an eye on all pitfalls, but we’ll examine four signs your startup is well on the way to long-term success. 1. Clear strategy Many entrepreneurs adapt the strategy based on past … Read More

Why investors say no

In deze blog geven we je tips over hoe investeerders naar een financiering kijken.

Raising capital for a startup isn’t easy. Many conversations are needed with various investors to eventually come to the right investor. You will often hear a “no”, do not stop because of this and search further. The following tips can help you with this: Timing and market segment There are several reasons for rejection that have nothing to do with … Read More

How do you get good customers for your startup

Deze blog vertellen we je over hoe goede klanten aan kunt trekken voor jouw startup

Good customers are essential for your startup. The income you get from your customers must keep your startup running. It is also a decisive point for investors. In this blog we will give you 5 tips for attracting good customers! 1. Focus on the right one As the voice of your product, you have the power to attract customers for … Read More

The perfect 3-minute pitch

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe je het best een pitch kan geven

A solid three-minute pitch can help you attract suppliers, employees, and maybe even investors. But crafting a pitch is proved harder than expected. You need to deliver the pitch concisely, and with confidence. Get their attention A three minute pitch isn’t just an expanded mission statement or the ‘about’ section of your website. A pitch is a short opener that … Read More

4 CRM hacks that every startup should use

In deze blog geven we jou dé CRM hacks voor startups.

For startups, CRM systems can be hard to use but with accessible, real-time customer data, a CRM system helps startups to improve customer service and refine the strategies. These four tips help you get more out of your CRM systems. Steam line the software CRM automation can abate the time-consuming and manual process, create narrower schedules and gather related data. … Read More

How to create an effective pitch deck

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe een effectief pitch deck kunt maken

For any great idea to be truly realized, it first needs to be effectively communicated and understood. With an arsenal of technology and information now at our disposal, building an effective pitch deck to get your vision across should be easy, right? The answer to this is sort of. The myriad options of design platforms and presentation software make creating … Read More