Where do I start if I want to raise funding

In deze blog vertellen we je hoe je financiering kan ophalen and how to raise funding

It’s tough running a startup on little capital. One of the biggest reasons why companies fail is that they run out of money. To let your startup grow, raise funding is a skill that you must have. Do research  Always do research on the firm or investors that you’re meeting with. This is an indicator to investors that lets them … Read More

What is customer onboarding and how can it benefit you?

customer onboarding succes voor startups

Customer Onboarding is the introduction of new customers to your company by showing them your services. It’s important to ensure a simple and streamlined experience. For startups, a strong Customer Onboarding is the key to success. Stimulate positive experiences Customer Onboarding mainly consists of answering customer questions and addressing their concerns. This way results in a positive and smooth experience … Read More

You’ve raised an early stage investment! Now what?

onderhoudt jouw investeerders wanneer je een early stage investering heb binnengehaald.

Did you raise an early stage investment? Congrats! Getting funded is not an easy job, but when you have raised your early stage investment, the real work begins. It’s one thing to show your plan and make the investors believe in your startup. It’s something completely different to achieve millstones and continue generate income. The pressure form the investor is … Read More

What do business angels want to see in startups?

business angels want to see in startups

What do business angels, or angel investors, want to see in startups? Drive, passion and smarts?  Sure! But every startup claims those qualities. So what do investors really look for? While every business angel is different, here are five qualities every entrepreneur should have:  Experience Investing in startups is risky business; one of the best ways to manage the risk is … Read More

Artificial intelligence, how it will benefit your startup!

women using artificial intelligence to help her startup grow

You may think that Artificial Intelligence is only for large technical giants such as Google and Amazon. Startups are often reluctant because of the high costs. However, these concerns are exaggerated, nowadays integrating Artificial Intelligence is easier than you think. AI for CRM Nowadays, start-ups can benefit from AI functionalities in popular CRM platforms. CRM platforms can help start-ups with … Read More

6 tips for a perfect pitch

man geeft pitch voor investeerders

Why do some amazing startups do not get funding? Sometimes a minor flaw can derail a good pitch. To avoid getting wrong, here are six tips that will help your startup! Connect with the investor Often entrepreneurs are very focused on what they want to say and therefore forget to make eye contact with the investor. This is important to … Read More

How to raise money even when you don’t have traction

storytelling foto bij blog over het behalen van tractie

A common reason that investors reject startups is that they lack traction or growth. This is often very frustrating because you soon end up with the chicken and egg story. Without growth, no money. But without money, no growth. For a company in the early stages could mean downward spiral. Yet there are ways to get funding in the initial … Read More

How do I do my marketing?

foto marketing strategy on desk

As a founder of a startup you may not have direct knowledge of marketing. However, in the initial phase you will have to pick this up yourself. But how do you do this? And how do you ensure an efficient approach? In this article we give you guidance. Focus on nurturing No matter what you sell, if you’re not focusing … Read More

The basics for raising funding

blog about the basics of raising funding for startups and scale-ups

Most entrepreneurs are aware that raising funding requires a major effort. Understanding the basics of raising funding is therefore essential for success. In this blog we give you a number of steps that you should always take in the basics.  Prepare yourself Preparation is one of the most important things you should do before you go to investors. Make sure … Read More

Company culture, the key for employee retention

blog about company culture

Although you cannot see a company culture, it is tangible. It can make or break your organization. A culture cannot only influence your staff, but also your reputation and business results. In this blog we give you tips on how you can build your company culture. Company culture The corporate culture is often underestimated. While this is a very important … Read More