7 financial tips for startups

Een blog met 7 financiële tips voor startups

Building a startup is not easy. A mistake is made quickly, which can be fatal for your startup. In this blog we give you 8 financial tips to avoid the most common mistakes.

1. Cash flow management

Most startups fail for different reasons, but a common one is – no money. You must be aware of your income and expenses. If you are not aware of your cash flow, your company will be put in a dangerous position. Set up your budget and stick to that.

2. Follow and check

With a startup, there will be costs from every direction. Hiring a full-time staff member to organize the accounting is not very budget-friendly. Therefore, use accounting software to stay organized.

3. Minimize

In the early stages of a start-up, keeping your costs low is the key to longevity. You do not need a huge office in the heart of your city or luxury meals. Too many startups focus on the wrong things and forget that generating revenue must be their top priority.

4. Prepare

You never know what can happen when you start a business, so it is best to prepare for the worst possible situation. Keep reserves – both personal and business – on a savings account. You can never be too well prepared for bad situations. Unfortunately, they happen often.

5. Time is money

Nothing has more value than your time. Time is money; so keep this in mind when you are planning your day-to-day tasks. Every second you spend on something that is not related to your startup is a waste of time (and money).

6. Customer acquisition

You have no business without customers. The sooner you know how to acquire and scale up customers, the greater the chance that your company will make it. Once you have identified several acquisition channels, you work on optimization to reduce your costs.

7. Financial goals

Instead of just saying, “I want a business with millions of euros” you have to reinforce these goals in reachable and measurable goals. Monthly, weekly or even daily sales targets allow you to stay on track and make the necessary adjustments or achieve constant growth.

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