6 tips for a perfect pitch

man geeft pitch voor investeerders

Why do some amazing startups do not get funding? Sometimes a minor flaw can derail a good pitch. To avoid getting wrong, here are six tips that will help your startup!

Connect with the investor

Often entrepreneurs are very focused on what they want to say and therefore forget to make eye contact with the investor. This is important to convey trust, openness and credibility.

Dress professionally

Many young entrepreneurs think that their own style is authentic, but be aware of this. Striking clothing provides distraction. Neat clothing is often a little duller, but it does ensure that the investor looks past your wardrobe.

Provide a neat presentation

A sloppy presentation can mean you’re a sloppy entrepreneur. Therefore make sure that the presentation is good and professional looking for the investor. This gives a greater chance of trust and getting an investment.

Do not use busy slides in your pitch

The most interesting thing about your pitch must be your expertise and not the deck. A busy slide forces the investor to translate the slides while ignoring your words. Therefore, only use text or images that support and improve your presentation.

Tell a clear story

Investors want a plan and a clear story that they can remember. Please observe the issue from the market, the solution and the investment proposition with.

Take your time

Both the content and the presentation of the pitch should be easy to understand for everyone. To build a business it is important that you know everything about the organization and can tell everything about it. 

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