Why do great startups fail to get funding? Often, it’s not because of a business shortcoming or how the entrepreneur presents the company. Sometimes, a minor flaw can derail the most well rehearsed pitch. To avoid killing your pitch and your startup pay attention to these tips.

1) Make eye contact with the investor

Often entrepreneurs are focused on what they want to say and they forget about making eye contact with the investors. Make direct eye contact to project confidence, openness and credibility.

2) Dress professionally

Many young CEO’s think their own style is authentic, but be careful with this. Striking clothes provides distraction. Neat clothing is often a bit boring, but it ensures that the investor looks past you wardrobe.

3) Use clear slides

The most interesting part of a pitch should not be the deck — it should be your expertise. Busy PowerPoint’s force investors to ignore your words while they translate your slides. Only use text or visuals that enhance your verbal delivery.

4) Tell a clear story

Investors are interviewing you for the role of money manager; they want a plan told in a story-like format they can remember. You may choose to tell the story of a client or your industry, but tailor your pitch to the investors’ perspective of cash flow and scale potential.

5) Take your time

Both the substance and delivery of your pitch must be easy for anyone to grasp. Both content and presentation of the pitch must be easy for everyone to understand. To build a business it’s important to know everything about your startup.

When investors are facing you, they are already interested in your startup. It’s important to keep this interest during your pitch. A tip we want to give you is to represent your passion and vision in your pitch deck to gain funding.

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