5 topics you need to have in your pitchdeck

In deze blog geven we de belangrijkste onderwerpen van een pitch deck.

When you have a meeting with investors they will only need 20 minutes to decide if they want to follow your idea. Creating an attractive pitch is a must. In this blog we give you 5 important topics that should not be missing in your pitchdeck.

Company and team

On these slides you have to give an introduction of your company and product. Show what makes you unique. A slide with the team is also important. Bring your team to life with photos of all the team members, including key stakeholders, founders, investors and advisers. Show all unique qualifications and skills.


Show what the current traction of customers is. Including early performance data. If you have not yet launched your product, please include development milestones, user test and goals you want to achieve.

Vision and market opportunities

This is the next important slide in your pitchdeck. This is the moment where you can outline your vision and how you will respond to market opportunities. In this you have to convince the investor.

Product / service

In these slides you can demonstrate how your product or service responds to the market opportunities. Outline the problem that is happening in the market and how your product or service will solve this. Take all the functions of the product with you and explain why you are distinctive.


Clearly indicate how you will roll out your product / service and how you can gain market share. Also make a view of the competitors. You can do this in a matrix.

Make sure you transfer your pitch with the right tone. Be fascinating and passionate, this will help convince the investors.

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