5 tips to create a strong branding for your startup

Een blog artikel over hoe startups hun branding kunnen invullen om op te vallen.

A strong defined branding is an important element for your startup. You have to stand out in this fast-moving world. The brand identity is the first impression of your startup. This first impression is also important for investors. Below are five tips for developing a strong branding.

1. Sell your brand and not your product

Product-oriented marketing is a thing of the past. This digital era has a fast branding process. You have about 20 seconds to impress the consumer with your startup. This gives you no time for a long and informative product explanation, so you have to impress the consumer with your brand

2. Your brand must be a reflection of yourself

It is important to know what your customer wants to see and wants to experience. This is the key to reach the customer. In order to get to the customer, it’s also important that the customer can see who you are as a startup and ensure that your brand and marketing radiate this.

3. Copy your brand identity in your design

The design of your startup is very important in your startup branding. Clearly show your startup and make it attractive. The landing page of your website must be identifiable for your customers and potential customers.

4. It is okay to re-brand

Perhaps you or your investor have already noticed a number of mistakes in the brand strategy of your startup so far, do not worry. It’s great to re-brand, especially if you feel the perception of your startup has to change in the eyes of potential customers.

5. Don’t resort to gimmicks

One final tip, which is something of a mild warning: don’t substitute gimmicks for hard work and reflection. If your brand identity is not where it should be, no amount of crummy eBooks, webinars, or SEO strategies can save it.

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