4 CRM hacks that every startup should use

In deze blog geven we jou dé CRM hacks voor startups.

For startups, CRM systems can be hard to use but with accessible, real-time customer data, a CRM system helps startups to improve customer service and refine the strategies. These four tips help you get more out of your CRM systems.

Steam line the software

CRM automation can abate the time-consuming and manual process, create narrower schedules and gather related data. You can easily use CRM software by telling you to group information per prospect instead of per activity. This helps you to easily find everything, from e-mails to notes from conversations. This tracking provides a comprehensive view of the sales process whereby powerful and weak points can be identified.

Recognize risks

CRM software is the perfect tool to keep track of customer engagement. Technical problems can be recognized with CRM systems. With CRM tracking, companies can identify patterns and proactively solve problems. For example the software can warn you when customers encounter problems. This can be remedied and long-term relationships can be built up.

Sales and marketing

With the large increase of content marketing and lead generators, a seamless connection between sales and marketing is a crucial key to success. Encourage both departments to use the CRM system and contribute to customer data. Either this helps sales teams to communicate and marketers to develop effective campaigns.


Virtual assistants such as chatbots voice-recognition devices powered by AI can interact with CRM systems. This can be used to set appointments, add client information to files and locate information without forcing users to sift through data manually. However asking AI to find customer information might sound futuristic but it is already possible and it will be a standard in the future.

When you use a CRM system correctly, this can transform from an operational necessity into a competitive advantage.

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